Vrindavan Kamya vanam Vaibhavam

Kamya Vanam (near Vrindavanam)
Kamyavan is fourth among the twelve forests of Vraja-mandala. The word kamya means “well adorned”. This forest within Vraja-mandala is a most charming pastime place of Shri Krishna. Many pleasant lakes, wells, ponds, trees, creepers, flowers, fruits and species of birds contribute to its extraordinary beauty. Hence, it is called Kamyavan. This is the place where Krishna performed many of His childhood pastimes. According to the Vishnu Purana, there are eighty-four sacred ponds, eighty-four temples and eighty-four pillars in Kamyavan.

Kamya-van-present time

Kamya vanam Vaibhavam Part 1

Krishna, Balaram and Gopars planning to go to Kamya vanam.

Krishna says, “Hey Gopikas! why are you staying at home? Come on! Let us go out to Kamya vanam and play”


Kamya vanam Vaibhavam Part 2

Krishna and Balaram are getting along to Kamya vanam along with Gopars and cows.

Kamya vanam Vaibhavam Part 3

Krishna says, “Hey Balaram! Why don’t we stop there for Bhojan thali? It is lunch time now”

Kamya vanam Vaibhavam Part 4

Krishna, Balaram and Gopars are having a nice Bhojan at Kamya van.

How blessed we are, to be in this Bhojan thali place in Kamya van! Jai Shri Krishna.


Kamya van Bhojan thali place (present time)

Kamya van Vaibhavan part 5

Balaram says, “Nice Bhojan! Krishna, let us relax here for some time. Can you play your flute for us? It will be nice”
Krishna Balaram ki jai!


Kamya vanam Vaibhavam Part 6

Krishna, Balaram and Gopars having a nice time, playing and sliding in Kamya van. The sliding place is called “Pilasini Sila” (present time)

Kamya van Vaibhavam – Part 7: Vimala kund

Krishna says, “Hey Balaram! Let us take a dip in Vimala kund so that we feel fresh” Balaram agreed and says “Let us go there”

Vimala kund is the place where Krishna and Balram enjoyed the pastimes of water sports along with their friends during their stay at Kamyavan.
According to the legends, once during chaturmasya, all the sacred tirthas assembled at Kamyavan to pay their homage to Lord Krishna, but tirtharaj Pushkara failed to come. So, in order to compensate for the absence of Tirtha Pushkara, Lord Krishna created a strong jet of water emerging out of the ground thus forming a lake. A beautiful girl also appeared with the flow of water and served Krishna. Krishna blessed this girl with name Vimala and Devi and the Kund formed with that jet spring was named after her. It is believed that, with the blessings of Lord Krishna bathing once in that Kund is far more auspicious than bathing seven times in Pushkara Lake. Surrounding this Kund are many small shrines.

Kamya van Vaibhavam – Part 8 – Gopars concened:

Krishna and Balaram are enjoying their time in Kamya van. Gopars called Krishna and said “Hey Krishna! Cows are scattered here and there. Now the evening is approaching. We are all worried about our cows. We have to start heading back home soon because it is getting dark”

Kamya van Vaibhavam Part 9:

Krishna tells Gopars, “Hey, Nothing to worry. I will bring all the cows in few minutes, Give me my flute”
Then Krishna started playing flute, all the cows gather towards Krishna immediately.

This place is called ‘Charan Pahadi’ (present time)
There is a rock up the hill having the footprints of Lord Krishna. It is said that, once Krishna was herding cows with his cowherd friends, the cows scattered here and there. As the evening approached all the cowherd boys were worried about their cows. Realizing the tension of cowherd boys Krishna closed his eyes and started playing his flute. Listening to the harmonious music emanating from the flute all the cows and calves immediately came to him. The sound of flute was so mesmerizing that even the rocks melted and thus Krishna’s footprints were engraved in the rock on which he was standing.

கிருஷ்ணன் குழலூதினால் கல்லும் உருகுமா? நிச்சயமாக உருகும் என்பது உண்மை. Here is the proof, pictures showing melted rocks with Sri Krishna’s foot prints.

Charan Pahadi showing Sri Krishna foot prints (present time)

Charan Pahadi showing foot prints of cows on the rock
Blessed to be here to have Divine experience. We need to climb about 100 steps to reach ‘Charan Pahadi’
Krishna charanam.

Kamya van Vaibhavam Part 10 – Krishna, Balaram and Gopars returning home:

After having spent nice time in Kamya van, Krishna, Balaram, Gopars along with all the cows heading back home in the evening!

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